Joint Ventures

THROUGHOUT HIS OVER 50 YEARS OF PRACTICING LAW, Donato D. Ramos has had the good fortune of working with some of the most talented attorneys from across the state and nation. His good relationships and friendships with other attorneys has given the Law Offices of Donato D. Ramos, PPLC, the opportunity to regularly joint venture, partner, and co-counsel with small firms, large firms, and solo practitioners on all types of cases.

If you would like to discuss a potential joint venture or the potential referral of a case, please give us a call. We are always open to discuss all types of joint ventures and referrals. The firm regularly accepts case referrals of oil and gas, property, personal injury, and commercial cases. Joint venture and referral fees are negotiable based upon the particular facts and circumstances of each case. The firm is always cognizant of the applicable rules of professional responsibility when entering into joint venture and referral agreements.

Additionally, the firm often serves as local counsel for all types of civil cases in the South Texas region.

We are always interested in talking to other attorneys about their case to see how we can assist that attorney in more effectively serving his or her client’s needs. If you are considering a joint venture or if you have any questions regarding a potential referral of a case, please call Donato Ramos or Donato D. Ramos, Jr. at 956-722-9909 or please contact Donato D. Ramos, Jr. via email at